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Apple HomeKit SmartHome and Wellness IoT Development Platform

Submitted by: Hoang Nhu

This unified IoT Development platform showcases various product potentials in IoT SmartHome and Wellness/HomeHealth markets. Powered by SiLabs sensors (Si7013 RHT sensor, and Si1143 optical sensor) and Gecko MCU EFM32ZG222 among other hardware components with end-to-end software integration (from sensors and MCU, to wireless networking in the gateway hub, to cloud services/data analytics and phone apps) the system monitors your home environments/energy consumption, and your daily activities in order to optimize your home appliances' settings as well as make recommendation/reminder for your optimal wellness.

As an example of the versatility of the platform, the video showcases a usage scenario with the following 2 main hardware components to support the above listed features (home automation and wellness monitoring) :
- A Smart Power Plug
- "OpenMe" Smart pillbox sensor (to alert/remind people with medication schedule)

Packed with sensors, the Smart Power Plug monitors:
- the energy consumed by AC appliances that are plugged into it
- the temperature and relative humidity in your house using SiLabs sensor
- ambient light in the room, your gesture control, and heart rate using the same SiLabs optical sensor for lowest BOM cost
- the presence of each individual in your family (with Beacon ID tag or phone app)
- the open or closed state/activity of any pill boxes (with our "OpenMe" Smart pillbox sensor mounted) wherever they are in the home

Using all the sensors' data collected, SiLab Gecko MCU will decide the next course of action such as:
- Dim the lightbulb that is plugged into the Smart Power Plug for best energy saving$ or increase the heater level for best comfort depending on each family member's profile. This is supported via Apple Homekit's Siri voice control as well ( as demo'ed in the video)
- Control Philips Hue LED or our Sonos sound system (via gesture control as demo'ed in the video)
- Send push-notification to phones to alert or remind when the pillbox is opened or not opened, based on a preset medication schedule
- Forward the pillbox status and activity, and the measured heart rate to the cloud for storage and data analytics. Analytics software will correlate the medicine/pillbox activity with vital sign . This data is useful to doctors, pharmaceutical research companies, health insurance companies for both remote monitoring and compliance
- Store and analyze your energy consumption data in the cloud and remind you about energy conservation

As shown in the video's block diagram, this platform has all the hardware & software components to support various SmartHome/Wellness product features and options. For example, the following 3 different form factors with a mix of different features support 3 viable products with different usage scenarios:
a) A Smart Power Plug with dual-AC outputs to wirelessly monitor and control your home appliances (eg lower the fan speed, dim the lightbulb, turn off the TV ..) based onyour room's ambient light, temperature/humidity or your energy consumption. This can be controlled via smartphone app, Apple HomeKit Siri voice, or our embedded gateway.
b) A Smart light switch (as shown in the block diagram) that not only wirelessly control your ceiling light bulbs, but can also control your Sonos music system, Philips Hue LED via gesture. Via the same SiLabs optical sensor used for gesture control, this Smart light switch also serves as a Heart Rate reader at no extra hardware cost. Together with our "Open Me" Smart pillbox cap, this Smart light switch product provides valuable health data that helps you, your family, and your doctors gain more insights to improve your wellness.
c) A gesture-based portable handheld console (similar to a Game control console) that monitors your home environment conditions and controls your home appliances accordingly. Working together with "OpenMe" Smart pillbox cap, the portable unit monitors your heart rate to collect insightful data that helps improve your wellness.

Our Smart-Power-Plug has been approved by Apple Homekit Product licensing and we will launch this product first on KickStarter Crowdfunding later this summer. This is based on our KoolThings platform/architecture that we launched in 2013. Go to to view our previous KoolThings KickStarter project.

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Nghia Tran said:

Posted 1 year 50 weeks ago

It is quite impressive you integrated several features onto smart phone with apps. I like the voice command and control as well.

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